Poor erection, possible causes. How to restore an erection


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Poor erection, possible causes. How to restore an erection?

The causes of poor erection can be both physical and psycho-emotional factors. Before giving up, you need to undergo an examination and take tests.

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The physiological causes of the manifestation of poor erection include diseases of the systems and organs of the body of a man. The most common of these are:

vascular diseases. Vasoconstriction is most often caused by elevated generic cialis cost levels of cholesterol best place to buy kamagra online in the blood, as a result of which atherosclerotic plaques form inside the vessels, on the walls. This prevents normal blood flow in the body of a man levitra buy. With insufficient blood flow to the genitals, an erection that is full for intimate contact does not occur. This group of diseases includes hypertension, heart disease and congestion in the circulatory system;

malfunctions of the endocrine system. The most serious in this group of diseases is diabetes mellitus. But you should not discount any other hormonal disorders of the body of a man. A weak erection is observed in violation viagra cialis o levitra of the function of the adrenal glands: a lack of adrenaline, which is responsible for arousal and a weak production of the main male sex hormone male-enhancement-viagra-and-cialis – testosterone. Excessive release of the hormone prolactin, which belongs to the endocrine gland of the pituitary gland, also negatively affects erection. Why such violations occur should be clarified with tadalafil good rx the help of an endocrinologist;

congenital pathologies and acquired diseases for the treatment of which hormone therapy is used. In this case, medications block male hormones, and are not only the cause of poor erection, but also reproductive system disorders in men;

disorders of the nervous system. The neurological causes of a weak erection in a man include traumatic lesions of the spinal cord and brain levitra 20 mg en ligne, operations and injuries in the pelvic bones, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and others..

Psycho-emotional causes of poor erection are more characteristic of young men. Most often, psychological discomfort is caused by memories of some failures in intimate relationships, and the fear of their repetition. In this case, you should be aware that single or infrequent erectile dysfunction is the norm..

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The buy sildenafil 100mg online following factors may influence this: