Anything you wish to discuss privately that you feel reluctant to mention in group therapy can be discussed here. The sessions we hold are focused on providing a more intimate setting for therapy to take place; we also what makes alcohol so addictive offer gender-specific groupings. It’s important to keep in mind that each person’s recovery journey is unique. You should focus on reaching your treatment goals rather than focusing on a specific length of stay.

Listening to others discuss their struggles can be a potent reminder that you are not alone. An important function of group therapy is also to show that everyone has different triggers. With the help of a skilled group therapy coordinator, a great deal of meaningful discussion and personal revelation can be had within groups.

At Peace Valley, our admissions process involves a thorough screening to determine whether or not you are appropriate for our facility. In cases where a potential client requires a higher level of care prior to admitting, we will provide a list of qualified providers as options and help coordinate this referral. This assessment is facilitated by clinical staff members and provides our staff with the data needed to determine what kind of care is best suited to the patient. Sometimes, individuals may forego our psychosocial assessment if they provide documentation of an assessment that was completed at an inpatient or residential program prior to transitioning to a PHP program. This ensures that the treatment professionals at the partial hospitalization program have the necessary information to develop a personalized plan that will guide the individual’s progress throughout their time in PHP treatment.

If you are considering PHP for your child, missed schooling is a major concern. Most treatment providers recognize this and offer schooling in the program so that teens don’t fall behind in their education. Expand Content While we coordinate care with your outside physician, we ask that only the PHP physician manages your treatment while you are at this level of care. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Peace Valley Recovery seeks to heal individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction through building a bridge to a peaceful and purposeful life.

Our outpatient programs are for adults and adolescents age 13 and older who do not require the 24-hour supervision provided by an inpatient program. Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital’s Partial Hospitalization Program is the most intensive level of outpatient treatment. The goal is to help you improve enough to be transferred to a lower level of care like outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment. Exact length of stay depends on your personal progress, but generally lasts 2-3 weeks. The Inova Behavioral Health Services Partial Hospitalization Program uses proven, evidence-based best practices.

  • It is typically a short-term program that averages between three and four weeks in duration.
  • When treatment goals have been met, our clinical team works with you to schedule follow-up care with trusted community health providers to maintain progress and continue recovery.
  • The program is offered at our outpatient center in Fairfax, VA, near Inova Fairfax Medical Campus.
  • With the help of a skilled group therapy coordinator, a great deal of meaningful discussion and personal revelation can be had within groups.
  • During the admissions process, our clinical team will assess the appropriate level of care for every new client.

Our teen program is designed for teens diagnosed with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Partial Hospitalization is a structured mental health treatment program that runs for several hours each day, three to five days per week. Clients participate in the scheduled treatment sessions during the day and return home at night. The program also features holistic activities to encourage relaxation and mindfulness, such as yoga, art, music, recreational, or pet therapy. In addition, your therapist may recommend individual and family counseling in order to meet your personal treatment goals. Licensed medical providers oversee medication management when necessary which, when combined with therapy, can play an important role in symptom control and greater well-being.

• Patients who have had a hospital stay or residential stay and need support during their transition back home. • People who are medically stable and don’t require a hospital stay or constant supervision. If you or a loved one need help, we are available to guide you through every step of your recovery. One of our experienced intake professionals will contact you shortly to discuss your treatment and recovery options. We respect your privacy, and all information shared with us is completely confidential. Expand Content Yes, provided the appointments are after program hours (i.e., 4 p.m. or later).

Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals, their families and those in their communities. Being able to properly medicate those issues can go a long way in creating the necessary mental clarity and acuity that will aid the patient in achieving wellness. You will have a primary counselor who meets with you to plan and follow up with how to best meet your goals by capitalizing on your strengths and removing obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your goals. Expand Content The physician who coordinates your care will work with you to make any adjustments needed to help address your symptoms and improve your health. We only write the letter to support your absence from work for the days you attend PHP.

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We are dedicated to helping those who are completing a PHP program to feel ready and able to handle life’s challenges in a healthy way. At Harmony Hills, our PHP services are comprehensive, structured, and adaptable. Our nuanced, multi-level approach is designed to heal the whole person — mind, body, and soul. Our services adhere to industry standards, and our certified professionals administer world-class care that incorporates evidence-based approaches, holistic therapies, and support groups. Our adult program provides a variety of traditional and alternative therapies such as yoga and creative arts therapy.

What is PHP medicine?

What is PHP? PHP is an abbreviation for partial hospitalization program. This type of addiction treatment program is more intensive than IOP (intensive outpatient) but less so than full inpatient or residental rehab. Compared to IOP, partial hospitalization requires more visits and sessions per week.

Our teen outpatient center locations offer comfortable, home-like settings for teen mental health therapy and group sessions. Our groups focus on whole-person care to ensure optimum outcomes for sustainable healing. Our facilities are also in close proximity to environments ideal for experiential modalities, such as equine and adventure therapies. Should teens be unable to receive outpatient treatment in person, we also provide virtual outpatient treatment services, such as online therapy and counseling. We are dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive local care for adolescents and families in communities across the country.

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PHPs are designed for individuals whose situations do not warrant the immediacy of inpatient care nor the length of stay that is typical of residential treatment. In the PHP setting, individuals receive medical treatment during the day but can then put their treatment skills to use at home in the evenings and on weekends. Many people find themselves at a loss regarding what types of programs would suit their needs or individuals they care about. Fortunately, there are numerous treatment programs designed to cater to the specific needs of the individual, whether they are struggling with a mental health concern or a substance use disorder.

It is located on Willow Brook Corporate Drive, close to shops, restaurants, and Tysons Corner, and is easily accessible to downtown Washington DC. Near numerous parks and nature preserves, such as the Cedar Ridge Preserve and the Trinity River, our Newport Academy Dallas outpatient location provides integrated clinical, academic and experiential therapy to teens in need. All clients are paired with an individual psychiatrist who follows them through treatment. PHP clients also have one-on-one sessions with a primary therapist each week. Our staff works with existing therapeutic relationships between clients and their established provider to better facilitate successful treatment while at HopeWay and after discharge.

An Intensive Full-Day Program to Support Mental Health Recovery

While Harmony Hills reserves its residential accommodations for guests enrolled in inpatient care, guests enrolled in our PHP can also access housing accommodations if they so choose. Individuals in our PHPs can participate in group therapy or benefit from individual therapy sessions. Treatment modalities offered at the partial hospitalization program level may include cognitive behavioral therapy , dialectical behavior therapy , and acceptance and commitment therapy . Partial hospitalization programs provide daylong treatment for individuals who do not require round-the-clock supervision, but who can benefit from a highly structured treatment setting.

While attending our partial program, you will take part in structured programming 5 days per week, 6 hours each day. This programming will include individual, group, and holistic therapies such as yoga and music. We will work with you to understand your addiction and help you develop coping mechanisms. If you are experiencing mental health issues related to your drug or alcohol addiction, such as anxiety or depression, those will be addressed by your primary therapist. When appropriate, family therapy is encouraged, and as you approach completion, we will work with you to create an aftercare plan that supports continued sobriety.

Call Newport Academy today – we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide private and confidential answers to your questions. While I was there, Art Therapy really allowed me an opportunity to open up about my identity. It helped me explore why I should be proud of who I am and where I am at as a trans person. After leaving HopeWay, I created an art website for LGBTQ and neurodiverse people. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , Dialectical Behavioral Therapy , and a wide variety of integrative therapies including art, music, recreation, horticulture, health and wellness, and spiritual care. • Individuals attend the program for several hours a day Monday through Friday or for a set number of days each week.

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Expand Content PHP is designed for medication monitoring and is built around daily group therapy, so absences are discouraged. Two consecutive absences are considered a sign that an individual is unable to participate at this level of care, and another alternative is likely to be explored and recommended. The program is offered at our outpatient center in Fairfax, VA, near Inova Fairfax boston sober homes Medical Campus. How long a person stays in the program depends on the specific goals and treatment plan, but most participants are in the program for one to two weeks. Newport Academy’s Westlake Village outpatient program is helping to address the gap in mental healthcare and teenage counseling in Southern California, by providing teens with integrated, evidence-based care.

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We look forward to assisting you or a loved one on the journey to a happier, healthier future. There are forms of support that only family can offer, but that can only be achieved if they are properly coached on what truly will help and what will only enable their loved one further. We are always available to family members for in-person or online consultation so that they can stay in the loop on their loved one’s progress. Group therapy is a place where individuals can come together and share their differing but similar experiences with battling addiction.

We collaborate with each guest to develop a treatment plan that best fits their individual needs and requirements. Plus, we constantly review our services, so they are based on the most up-to-date evidence and scientific techniques. Our Newport Academy Fairfax outpatient location features art and music studios and cozy, home-like spaces for group therapy sessions.

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Newport Academy’s outpatient treatment centers offer PHP, IOP, and outpatient levels of care. Our behavioral health professionals may recommend our Partial Hospitalization Program as the best plan of care for your mental health or addiction concerns based on the results or your initial consultation and assessment. PHP is also an important next step for those who have completed inpatient treatment for mental health stabilization neurotoxic medications or substance use detoxification and no longer require 24-hour medical or safety monitoring. Medication management, evidence-based therapy, and holistic therapies are important elements of the program as part of your journey to better health. Upon your completion of an initial assessment, our clinically trained staff will be able to help you determine if a partial hospitalization program care is right for you.

Local resources will be recommended if your needs are best served by a community healthcare provider. Newport Academy is a series of evidence-based healing centers for young adults, teens, and families struggling with mental health issues, eating disorders, and substance abuse. Newport Academy has been creating programs for over 10 years for teenagers and young adults aged 12—18. If we are not the right fit, we’ll help you find what your loved one and family needs. We offer two day treatment programs at HopeWay, Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient . These different levels of care offer treatment options for those not needing residential treatment, or for those who need a step-down after our Residential program.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

It is typically a short-term program that averages between three and four weeks in duration. However, some clients may benefit from a longer PHP plan or may move into anintensive outpatient program for continued growth and support once they have completed the initial PHP plan. The PHP program offers a variety of therapies and support services that can help individuals build on the progress they have made in treatment and maintain their recovery.

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While partial hospitalization is highly structured and includes a full programming schedule, residential treatment offers a few things that aren’t possible in outpatient levels of care. First, residential treatment lets you take a break, which can be important if your environment plays a role in your addiction. Second, depending on your situation, you may require 24 hour medical and clinical supervision.